Traditionally, stucco was a popular building material. It was easy to use, affordable and durable. Even today, many houses have stucco walls and ceilings. If your home has stucco, Painting Contractor Toronto will help you keep it in good shape.

Painting Contractor Toronto guarantees Quality Stucco Repair

Painting Contractor Toronto has successfully served the Greater Toronto Area for several years. We put customer’s safety and satisfaction first. The stucco restoration contractor uses quality tools to repair stucco damage. Its expert repair crew will:

  • Check the condition of your stucco walls and popcorn ceiling for damage
  • Clean the surface from dust, mildew, debris, etc.
  • Sand the chalky surface
  • Fill the gaps with a durable sealant
  • Caulk around windows, doors and light fixtures

Painting Contractor Toronto knows that repairing minor stucco cracks now will save you a large amount of money in future. So, we repair minute damages to ensure that your stucco walls and ceilings last for several years.

For Every Painting Job, Painting Contractor Toronto is the Name you can Trust

Painting Contractor Toronto is a trusted name for painting home, offices, commercial properties and condominiums. It has experience of giving new life to stucco walls and popcorn ceilings. We will:

  • Help you choose a good colour to complement your home
  • Use quality acrylic latex paint or elastomeric paint for durable results
  • Paint the porous stucco surface and reduce the chances of staining
  • Beautify your property and make it attractive.

Our team of talented painters will add colour to the faded stucco walls and ceiling and give a new look to your home. Call on (647) 847-4049 or enquire online for complete home restoration and painting service.