Popcorn best left in the theatre, not on your ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage from about the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Although it was considered fashionable then, this type of ceiling still exists in newer builds because it can hide all imperfections that appear on the ceiling surface.

Home builders in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, still choose to make these ceilings part of the home décor. Why? A popcorn ceiling can be applied and it takes them less than half of the time required to make a smooth seamless ceiling finish. When you have many houses to build you take a cost-saving measure and popcorn ceilings are still alive and kicking. They are not all the rage, but they make homeowners enraged.

A home renovation project such as popcorn ceiling removal is a laborious, tedious, time-consuming job that is not for the faint of heart. Hire a professional from The home Improvement Group to scrape the popcorn away, you will be glad you did!

How would a professional take care of the popcorn ceiling?

  • First, they would prepare the room, removing all furniture, frames, so that the room is bare. Place drop sheets on the floor because it’s tedious but also messy. It is imperative that you seal off the entire room.
  • Spray the ceiling with a basic hose which will help to make the ceiling softer and it will help break down the adhesive bond to make the scraping easier.
  • Scrape the ceiling by using a ceiling texture scraper and use a small putty knife to scrape the edges and corners.
  • Once it is fully scraped and fully dry the application of several skim coats of plaster are applied to the ceiling.
  • Once the plaster is fully dry, a basic feather sanding to the ceiling will make it smoother. The more sanding the smoother it will be visually presented.
  • The final step, you will need to paint the ceiling. Once painted you’ve achieved the seamless smooth finish that you have always wanted.

In order to achieve a successful renovation journey involves planning, organizing and hiring a skilled professional from The Home Improvement Group to execute from concept to completion.

Eat popcorn while watching a movie with family in the lovely confines of your home, and when you look up at your ceiling, the popcorn which inhabited your ceiling will be a thing of the past. Hiring a skilled professional was just what the doctor ordered.