The interior of your home will look incomplete without refurbishing the staircase. Staircase may look like an unimportant part of the home but if overlooked, it can make the entire home ugly. Contact Painting Contractor Toronto and our expert painters will give a fresh look to your stairs.

Should I Paint my Stairs or Stain them?

It is a very common dilemma for home owners of Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for the staircase to match a typical colour, it is best to opt for a painting. Paint offers broader colour range and uniformity.

If you want a natural look for your wooden staircase and want to enhance the wooden texture, staining is the best choice for you.

No matter what option you choose, Painting Contractor Toronto is expert in painting stairs beautifully as well as staining them. We even provide professional wood re-staining service and give new life to your faded pre-stained stairs.

Why choose Painting Contractor Toronto for Staircase Painting and Re-Staining?

Painting Contractor Toronto believes in perfect and excellent workmanship. Our painting team will quickly give a brand new appearance to your stairs and ensure the following things:

  • Suggest ideas and colors to make your staircase beautiful
  • Clean the staircase of dust and debris
  • Sand the surface and remove existing paint/stain
  • Repair the creaks to ensure long lasting wood
  • Prime the staircase and paint it carefully for a consistent coat

Our team is adept with several types of paints and stains for staircase. So, don’t worry if you are looking for a specific color, latex stain or semi-transparent stain. We will work according to your specifications and ensure total customer satisfaction.

Call on (647) 847-4049 today or enquire online. Painting Contractor Toronto will reset the clock and surprise you with beautiful wooden staircase.