Kitchen is often called the heart of the home. And, it is important to take care of it. When you think of kitchen improvement, you must not ignore kitchen cabinets. If you overlook the old wooden cabinets in your kitchen, it may not give you the desired look.

Brighten up your kitchen cabinets by simply refinishing them with Painting Contractor Toronto. The services of the one-in-all home restoration company are not just restricted to walls. Our talented painters will repaint or stain your kitchen cabinets to give them a brand new look.

Why Painting Contractor Toronto is the Best Choice for Painting and Staining Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting Contractor Toronto is in the painting business for several years. It has re-painted, stained and re-finished cabinets for several homes, hotels and restaurants of Greater Toronto Area. We are perfect for your kitchen improvement project because of the following reasons:

  • Wide experience
  • Expert painting professionals
  • Use of quality products
  • 100% precision
  • Highest standard of work
  • Long lasting results


Turn your Dull Kitchen Cabinets Sensational with Painting Contractor Toronto

Oak, cherry, maple or any other type of wooden cabinet – Painting Contractor Toronto has wide experience of reviving dated kitchen cabinets. Our expert wood painting team will:

  • Mask off and cover your kitchen
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets so that primer and paint bond perfectly
  • Remove doors, moveable drawers and hardware
  • Take care of repair
  • Sand lightly and use top-quality primer
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets with your desired colour
  • Stain wooden cabinets and give them a natural look
  • Reinstall the drawers and hardware efficiently


Let Painting Contractor Toronto take care of your tired and tattered kitchen cabinets. Call us on (647) 847-4049 or enquire online for giving a modern appeal to your wooden cabinets.