Painting a commercial building is not just giving a plain white color to the walls. It is more than that! When you choose the right painting color for the walls of your office, it will impact your business favorably. Learn the secret color combination ideal for your business to increase profitability and productivity

Picking the Right Color: An Office demands more Attention

Choosing a color for the walls of your home is different than picking up colors for a commercial property.  At your home, you can choose any color that you like. But, when it comes to an office or any other commercial setting, color psychology comes into play. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a color for your office:

  • Select a color that gives a positive image to your office.
  • You can choose a neutral color for the exterior part of the office to emphasize the signage.
  • A single color may be boring.  If you are looking for a monochromatic result, choose different shades of the main color for windows and trims.
  • Pick up a color after considering the demographics of your target group.


Office Paining: Different Color Combinations for Different Rooms

If you own a part of a commercial building, you cannot do much about the exterior. You will have to be satisfied with the exterior colors that are chosen by the owner of the building. But, you can change the interior colors according to your will and make it business-friendly. Here’s how you can decode the secret color combination to get the most out of the commercial painting project.

  • Reception Area

It is the first thing that your customer will see once he steps inside the building. Remember first impression is the right impression. So you need to choose the best colors for the area. Pick up colors that exude warmth and cheerful mood if you have a very young customer base. Bright colors such as red, yellow and orange will suit a young energetic organization. Shades of pink work well with a beauty salon or a cosmetics company whereas it would be highly unsuitable for a financial consultancy firm.

  • General Office Space

The general work-floor where your employees work is the most important part of any office. If the calming blue color makes the employees sleep, you will not be able to increase productivity. And, large amount of red color can generate anger and stress among people. It is best to get the right combination of colors to ensure maximum productivity and reduced stress.  When choosing the colors, consider your employees. If you are a law firm, you need to inculcate the shades of browns, dark blues and burgundy to add a level of sophistication and power to the room.

  • Conference Area

If your employees are not attentive at the time of important discussions and presentations, it can ruin the very purpose of scheduling meetings. You must choose colors that increase the attention span of employees and improve analytical thinking. Usually, shades of blue and green are favorable because they have a calming effect. Blue provokes the feeling of loyalty and green creates a harmonious environment. But, you can add a bit of yellow to fuel mental activity and energy. You can even consider purple because it manifests royalty, wealth and creativity.

Office painting is not simply hiring an experienced commercial painter. You have to customize the painting project by choosing colors that are right for your organization. The secret behind a successful commercial painting project is to consider your business, the kind of image that you want to promote, the demographics of your customers and your employees. Once you consider all the factors, you will be able to choose a color combination that promotes your business in the best possible way.

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