Paint kitchen Space to Revamp it

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” Erin Flett, Designer

In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, the kitchen has forever been considered the heart and soul of the home. The kitchen space is the natural hub for activity. It’s a place where family conversations happen. In fact, the kitchen is the place where the occasions of the year will take place. Something that is so important to the overall makeup and design of the home should never be neglected.

By the simple process of elimination, and your eyes don’t lie, your once beautiful kitchen space is showing signs of wear, it looks aged. For whatever reason, the color palette may be outdated, it’s very transparent that the existing paint is peeling away at the very fabric and most importantly the once welcoming place has now taken the moniker of being the ghost town of your home.

Painting Contractor Toronto – The “Go-To” Option for Kitchen Painting


These are reason enough to paint the kitchen and breathe new life into the space with a variety of colours that will make it shine once again. So now your once beautiful kitchen space is crying out for an extreme painting project. What are your options and solutions to see your dreams become a reality? First, do your homework. It is after all your most precious asset. Research, surf the internet, and find out about the new paint trends for 2016. Get at least 3 or 4 quotes of the work you need to happen in your kitchen space. The ultimate goal is to find a perfect painting company to execute the brushes, rollers and adorn your walls with new colours.

Make the Best First Impression in your Kitchen Space

There is a problem, a multitude of painting companies exist in the landscape of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The choices may be overwhelming to say the least. But in the end, perfect persistence pays off. What’s the word on the street? Well that’s easy. Painting Contractor Toronto, GTA’s number 1 rated painting company is eager to make a great first impression in your kitchen space. You`ve made your decision that your kitchen is in dire need of some tender loving care. Change is good, make a change for the better. A perfect paint application will remedy the situation. Your walls will become conversation pieces.

Color Consultation Service to create the Right Impression

Choosing the perfect colour palette can be time-consuming, overwhelming and fraught with frustration. When there are so many shades and colours to choose from. Light bulb goes off in your head. Why not consult with the experts at Painting Contractor Toronto to select the perfect colours that will breathe new life into your kitchen space. Common knowledge states that there are certain colours that work best for specific rooms. Don`t forget that hues of blue, different shades of white, yellow and green work well in your kitchen space. But it is totally up to you!

First and foremost it is best to find the paint colour that will perfectly match the mood you want to convey. In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, no house is the same. Each has its` own uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest. So it`s fair to say that no kitchen space in the homes across Toronto are the same.

There are key factors to consider in your kitchen space:


Open-floor Plans:

You then need to be colour conscious of the adjoining rooms. It is imperative that the kitchen space colours coordinate with the other rooms. It is essential to have a flow from room to room.

Lots of Wood Cabinets:

In this particular case, you may want to apply a paint colour that will be a shade or two lighter than the cabinets. Find a paint colour that has complimentary tones.

Stainless Steel Appliances:

Offset the cold by introducing an array of warm colours.

The kitchen space also functions as the entry point:

In this case, the ideal is that you will be less conscious of paint color but more aware of what paint to use. Use a paint best designed for heavy traffic areas that can easily be maintained, like a semi-gloss finish. A smooth wall will show marks more than a textured one.

A Tiny Kitchen:

Your best bet is not to steer away from dark colours. It also is dependent on your kitchen cabinetry colours too. In order to make the space seem larger you can contrast different colours to achieve the best possible perfect results.

As with any renovation project, there are headaches along the way. But it`s always important to assess your every need. It is after all your home, and your home is your castle. By working collaboratively with Painting Contractor Toronto, a colour consultant will only select the best types of paint colours to use in your particular kitchen environment.

Painting one kitchen at a time, don`t fret we will get to yours too.