Paint the Basement to Update

Rewind to the past, it was in vogue to have a dark basement complete with wood paneling on your walls, a bar for entertaining, dark green shag carpet and a faint musty odor.

Fast forward to today, the average homeowner in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are focusing on the color palette because they want their dark, dungy basement space to feel rejuvenated, light, fresh and updated. Why not? Your basement space needs some love too! The goal is to make your basement space an inviting place with style.


For a Perfect Basement Painting Job, trust Painting Contractor Toronto

Painting seems like an easy, enough job for the average homeowner. The only problem is that if there are any slight imperfections it can be visually unappealing in presentation. If you don’t have the patience or a keen eye to detail, surrender your brushes and rollers. Your investment and your family are most important.

Do the basement a favor; contact Perfect Painter, Toronto’s #1 Rated painting company. Our painters will brighten up your basement space with colors that will enhance the look and feel you have always wanted to achieve. Think of it in this way, your walls are the canvas, and the professionals at Perfect Painter will create a masterpiece for you.


Dark Room Battles in Basement

A basement is a dark room, often dingy and suffocating. As a homeowner, you may face the following problems in the basement:

  • Not enough windows
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Shrubs blocking the window
  • Wrong color choices

Whatever the reasons for the unwelcoming feel, paint has the power to transform any space in your home. Most often, homeowners think that by painting their walls light and white that they will eliminate the dark spaces. But that usually doesn’t ring true.


The Effect of Color on Basement Walls

Different colors have different effects on the basement walls. For example, yellow is one of the most reflective colors in the paint spectrum. Blue can give the room a calming effect. The choice of paint colors is also dependent on what you are aiming to achieve in your basement space. If you are painting the basement as an office work space, you can consider give it a purple shade. Alternatively, when painting the basement space as a kids’ playroom, the obvious choice is to go with a more colorful scheme.

The paint colors you choose for your basement is greatly dependent on whether you want your space to feel cozy or large. Common knowledge states that in order to make your space seem larger you go with bright colors. To achieve the cozy setting you want to use the deep dark hues in the application.

It’s up to you to what you want to achieve for your particular basement space, the paint colors will work in unison to achieve your dream and make it a reality! Don’t forget to call the professionals at Painting Contractor to paint your walls something spectacular! Call on (647) 847-4049 to book an appointment today.